Master in Advanced Endodontics

This is the pre-application form for the Postgraduate Master Course in Advanced Endodontics in agreement with the UNISI-Università degli studi di Siena. If you are interested, please leave your contact info below and fill out the application form to apply. MORE INFO.

First of all, to make your application acceptable you need to own an assessable qualification. So you have to validate your dental qualification.

HOW TO validate your dental qualification

Italian universities consider only three types of documents officially assessable.

To qualify for enrollment, candidates must hold a degree in Dentistry or Medicine. It’s crucial to note that when it comes to assessing foreign qualifications, the University of Siena recognizes specific certifications:

• EU Diploma Supplement: This is applicable if you graduated within Europe. Your university should be able to furnish this document free of charge.

CIMEA: For a reliable evaluation, use the official online service provided by CIMEA (Italian ENIC-NARIC center). Further details can be found here: – This documents are easily accepted and preferred. A Statement of Comparability costs 150€ and can be asked also as an urgent procedure with an additional cost of 100€.

Dichiarazione di Valore: Obtainable from the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country of graduation, this document should clearly outline your academic credentials and their equivalency in Italy.

Once you have all the necessary documents, please fill out the form below to apply. We will collect your application and will be in contact with the University.

For those who need a VISA

Remember, if you need a VISA because you come from abroad, you also need to take another step via Universitaly. The University of Siena created a PDF guideline and you can download it here:

Application for 23/24 is closed, you can pre-apply for 24/25 and your documents must be completed before applying.

After submitting the application you will have to pay an application fee. It is a small deposit of 213€ to enable us to handle your application and to reserve a place on the master course. This amount will be refundable only in case of cancellation or specific exceptions. We will inform you about this via email (so double check you wrote the right one).

Remember, all required documents must be the right ones and must be clearly readable. Incomplete applications will not be considered.