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Our Story 01

Our Story

Dentalnecto founders are mostly dentists. A little percentage of us is made up of professionals from the world of the digital marketing or people who, at least, love that world. Someone else is expert in Fundraising.

Our company was born to meet a need: to allow people sharing knowledge and perspectives upon different areas, in the best possible way. We all attended events to enhance our skills. Now we organize them.

Mission 02


Necto. The English for the Latin word necto is to connect, to unite, to relate. As already said, we believe in the power of connection. Culture and knowledge are perfect reasons to meet, connect and share. We can make it true.

This is why we decided to build Dentalnecto. There is a need, we can meet it and we believe we can do it satisfactorily. We will help the exchange of ideas through our events, whether you want to attend or plan them.

Our Services 03

Our Services

So, what can we do for you? We can organize a variety of events to include educational conferences, training courses, congresses. We usually collaborate with educational institutions and web services providers.

We ensure all event details meet our client’s specifications. We will take care of arranging transportation, finding meeting locations, organizing food service, lodging, entertainment.

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