Master in Prosthodontics and new technologies

Artificial jaw in the dentist’s office

This master is for students enrolled in 2019 and is going to end within the 2021. 


On the rails of Digital Dentistry, modern technologies and the latest generation of restorative materials open now new horizons in the field of Prosthodontics.

The implementation in the daily practice of the most advanced technologies, such as CAD-CAM, laser-sintering/melting and 3D-printing, has got a synergic impulse from the enhanced mechanical and manufacturing properties of the new generation of dental materials.

Many of these offer undeniable advantages as high aesthetic potential, astounding optical characteristics, reliable mechanical properties, excellent consistency in terms of precision and accuracy due to the manufacturing technologies, and more convenient production timing. These improvements have dramatically widened the restorative choices in tooth- and implant-supported prosthodontics.

More details about the educational program below in this page.

Course Content

Time: 5 weeks

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The official admission notice on the University of Siena's website: READ HERE  

General day-schedule:

Classes start at 9 AM

Break at 11 AM

Light lunch at 1:30 PM

Classes from 3.00 to 5.00 PM

Week 1 (14th-18th July 2020): Prof. Marco Ferrari - Dr. Fabio Carboncini - Prof. Roberto Sorrentino - Dr. Serhat Koken

Opening. 1st day: Anterior and posterior direct restorations. Dr. Serhat Koken
2nd day: Mastering in digital dental photography How to document clinical cases in an outstanding modality. Dr. Serhat Koken
3rd day: Analyzing data and choosing the proper method for each treatment plan. Treatment sequences: endo first, perio first, ortho first etc. Principles of occlusion on natural teeth Dr. Fabio Carboncini
4th day: Collecting data for best treatment planning. Diagnostic models, X-ray, CB/CT, mock-up, wax-up. Prof. Roberto Sorrentino
5th day: Introduction and review of current and modern prosthodontics treatments. Contemporary treatment planning including patient’s expectations, aesthetic demands, function. Indications and contraindications to basic prosthodontics (when to use veneers, partial crowns, full crowns, post&core, where are the limits of extractions, bridges or implants). < Prof. Marco Ferrari  

Week 2 (22 - 26 September, 2020): Prof. Nicola Discepoli - Prof. Ferrari – Dr. Daniele Manfredini – Dr.a Denise Pontoriero - Dr. Fabio Carboncini

  1st day: Build-up of endodontically treated teeth: what options do we have?
2nd day: Perio-prosthetic relationship
3rd day: TMJ problems, physiology of Occlusion
4th day: Pre-prosthetic endodontic treatment.
5th day: Rehabilitation of bruxist patients

Week 3 (18-22 May, 2021): Prof. Marco Ferrari - Prof Sorrentino - Prof Fabianelli

  1st day: Preparation of partial crowns (anteriors) Preparation of partial crowns (posteriors) Mock-up <
2nd day: Luting From simple to complex cases (full rehabilitation) using bonded restorations Case presentations and discussion
3rd day: Impressions and temporary restorations in different clinical situations
4th day: Workshops Participants will perform several steps:
  • Preparation of posterior indirect restorations: inlays, onlays, overlays and table tops.
  • The mock-up technique: minimally invasive preparations on anterior and posterior teeth
  • The 3-step technique: laminate veneers and additional ceramic and resin composite restorations.
  • Luting materials and procedures: clinical protocols.
5th day: Workshops Impressions and temporary restorations The importance inside prosthodontic treatment of different materials for temporary restorations will be shown and participants will have to reline, finish and polish them. Also materials available for final impression will be discussed and participants will have to make impressions into phantom mouths.

Week 4 (22-26 June, 2021): Prof. Marco Ferrari - Prof. Tim Joda (University of Basel) –MDT Gianni Bonadeo

1st day: The finishing line in full crowns: vertical and horizontal preparations. The choice of restorative materials: overview of all-ceramic materials (feldspathic ceramic, lithium disilicate, zirconia). Layered vs monolithic restorations.
2nd day: workshops on Full crowns: vertical and horizontal preparations.
3rd day: Digital, mixed and conventional workflows. State of the art and future developments. Intraoral and laboratory scanners: related materials and systems.
4th day: workshops: Digital intraoral impression. Theory and practice.
5th day: Workshops on lab scanner and related procedures

Week 5 (19-23 October, 2021): Dr. Mario Imburgia - Prof. Andrea Borracchini - Prof. Marco Ferrari - Prof. Roberto Sorrentino

  1st day: Digital smile design and virtual aesthetic setup with personal computers and i-Pads.
2nd day: Digital smile design and virtual aesthetic setup with personal computers and i-Pads.
3rd day: The state of the art and future developments in removable prosthodontics.
4th day: The treatment plan in implant-supported prosthodontics: from single restorations to full-arch rehabilitations.
5th day: Final Exams.   2021: discussion and certifitation   The university will ask for a declaration of value and a translated and legalised copy of your dental degree within 6 months from the enrolment. Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country (in the country where you graduated) will help you obtain them.  

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