Prosthocampus 2020

prosthocampus copertina

TOTAL: 1 WEEK (MON-THU) - starting from the 15 of May, 2020

Learn: the most recent evidence-based clinical protocols regarding tooth- and implant-supported prostheses (tooth preparations, analog and digital impressions, temporary prostheses, isolation and cementation techniques)

Practice: mock-up silicon templates, tooth preparations (veneers, horizontal and vertical for crowns, inlays, onlays and overlays), impression making (analog and digital), finishing and polishing of temporary crowns, rubber dam isolation, adhesive cementation (veneers and onlays)

Understand: diagnosis and treatment planning of cases with increasing complexity, on the basis of functional, biomechanical and esthetical needs

Master: the workflow of current conventional and adhesive Prosthodontics onto teeth and implants

Please, see below for further information about the speakers, the location, the program.

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Location and date

Where: the ProsthoCampus will be held at the Ivoclar Vivadent Center for Dental Education in Bologna, Italy.
When: two sessions will be available -> 15-18 June 2020 and 19-22 October 2020

Program details

The ProsthoCampus will be developed during 4 full days (from Monday to Thursday) of theoretical and practical interactive learning sessions.

Day 1

Lecture - Diagnosis, occlusion and treatment planning.

Hands-on - Photographic documentation; facebow, interocclusal registrations and articulator mounting (personal camera, cheek retractors, dental mirrors and contrasters requested).

Fabrication of customized impression trays and analog impression making. Digital impression making with intra-oral scanners.

Day 2

Lecture - Tooth preparations for veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays and overlays.

Impression making and management of temporary prostheses.

Characteristics, indications and comprehensive selection of restorative materials in Prosthodontics.

Hands-on - Fabrication of mock-up silicon templates; mock-up molding, tooth preparations for veneers, crowns, inlays, onlays and overlays on phantoms (or on intact teeth, if provided by the students - see “Tools and materials” section).

Fabrication, finishing and polishing of temporary crowns.

Day 3

Lecture - Adhesion, field isolation and cementation techniques.

Hands-on - Isolation with full rubber dam and split dam on phantoms; adhesive cementation of veneers, crowns and onlays on phantoms.

Day 4

Lecture - Implant-supported prosthodontics: from treatment planning to case finalization.

The Digital workflow in Prosthodontics: from planning to finalization.

Hands-on - Digital Smile Design session (personal iPad requested).

Tools and materials

Personal camera with macro lenses, cheek retractors, dental mirrors and contrasters are necessary for the practical session of Day 1.

Personal i-Pad is necessary for the practical session of Day 2.

All the other materials necessary for the practical hands-on sessions will be provided to the students.

The students are kindly requested to bring their own magnifying tools (dental loupes) and intact teeth to be prepared; such teeth will have to be mounted in dental stone or resin, in the shape of a total or partial dental arch and with proper contact areas (so as to better simulate the clinical conditions for preparation and cementation).


4.000,00 € (VAT included price).
The cost includes accommodation in Bologna and food.


Prof. Marco Ferrari - Marco Ferrari, graduated at School of Surgery and Medicine, of University of Pisa in 1983 and in General Dentistry degree in 1987 at University of Siena.

In 1997-8 he attended the PostGraduate Program in Prosthodontics at Tufts University di Boston.

In 1995 he took his PhD degree at University of Amsterdam, defending a thesis on “Bonding to dental structures”.

In July 2002 Prof. Ferrari was appointed Full Professor and elected Dean of School of Dental Medicine, and he was renewed till now.

Now is also the President and Coordinator of the Undergraduate course in Dentistry in english language at University of Siena and Chair of the Master Program in Prosthodontics Sciences at University of Siena.

Between October 2003 and January 2006 he was appointed ‘Delegato del Rettore per le Relazioni Internazionali’ (Vice Rector of International Relations) of University of Siena.

Past President of National Conference of Schools of Dental Medicine, IADR Central European Division, European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, Academy of Dental Materials. Actually is Secretary of Dental Materials Group of IADR.

He is President Elect of European Prosthodontic Association and of Dental Material Group of IADR.

In February 2019 was nominated in the Supreme Court of Health by the Italian Minister of Health.

In May 2005, he was als appointed Director of School of Ph D in ‘Biotecnologies’.

From November 2012 he was the Director of the Dental and Medical Biotechnology Department of Siena University and coordinator of the Tuscan School of Dental Medicine of Florence and Siena University.

He is actually Professor of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, University of Leeds, Research Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Tufts University-Boston, Visiting Professor at Rochester University, Eastman Center, USA, and Xi’an University, 4th Biomedical University, China.

He was in the editorial board of several international dental journals with impact factor (such as Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, J Endodontics, Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, American Journal of Dentistry, Dental Materials, Acta Odontologica Croatia, J Oral Sciences, Restorative Dentistry,) and he acts as referee of other 10 peer-reviewed impact factor dental journals. He is Scientific Editor of International Dentistry South Africa and Associate Editors of Prosthodontic Research & Practice and Clinical Editor of World Journal of Dentistry. He is Editor of the Journal of Osseointegration, Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

He is author of more than 420 international publications (4/5 on dental journals with impact factor), of other 260 national publications and of 160 abstracts presented in international and national congress.

Prof. Roberto Sorrentino - Research Professor of Prosthodontics and Digital Dentistry at the University Federico II of Naples.

Lecturer at several national and international Post-graduate and Master Courses.

Researcher, expert and consultant for national and international dental companies.

Author of more than 150 publications in national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals and co-author of chapters of books on Prosthodontics. Reviewer of more than 30 international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Speaker at national and international meetings.

Member of several national and international academies and scientific societies (IADR, ADM).

Global expert 2019 in “crowns, dental prosthesis design, dental technology, dental prosthesis, prosthodontics”.

Winner of many national and international prizes for research and clinical activity in prosthodontics, esthetic dentistry, biomechanics, adhesion and dental materials.

Co-founder of the dental blog and community Zerodonto (

dr-mario-imburgiaDr. Mario Imburgia - Graduated with honors in Dentistry.

Doctorate research in Periodontology (University of Palermo - Italy). Active member of the AIOP (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry) in 2017, Fellow of the International Academy of dental-facial aesthetics (IADFE) and board member of the Digital Dentistry Society.

Assistant Clinical Teacher at the University of Warwick 2011-2014 (Coventry - UK). Visiting Professor at the "City of London" Dental School (London - United Kingdom) and at BPP University (London - United Kingdom).

Lecturer at the Master Course in Esthetic & Digital Dentistry (University of Siena - Prof. M. Ferrari), master course in Digital Dentistry (University of Rome 'La Sapienza’ - Prof. P. Luongo, Prof. A. Polimeni), course of Higher Education in Digital Dentistry (University of Insubria, Varese - Prof. Macchi), Master in Digital Dentistry (University Vita Salute San Raffaele, Milan - Prof. C Mangano), and at the Master course in Esthetic Dentistry (University of Rome “Tor Vergata” - Prof. F. Mangani).  Lecturer in the International Master in Prosthetic Dentistry (University of Siena - Prof. Marco Ferrari).

StyleItaliano Silver member in 2018.

Board Member of the Digital Dentistry Society.

Speaker at national and international conferences, on topics related to aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Author of the book "iPad in Dentistry - Digital communication for the patient and for the team" published by Quintessence Publishing. Private practice in Palermo and Milan (Italy).