Master in Bracketless fixed lingual Orthodontics

  • University of Siena
    University of Siena

TOTAL: 18 MONTHS/ 5 WEEKS - 2020/21

Speaker: Anna Mariniello has been one of the first orthodontists in the world to practice exclusively bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics and the first to write a text on this technique.


This course for master’s degree in Orthodontics has a main purpose: training professionals to manage any type of malocclusion by bracketless fixed lingual therapy in patients with permanent dentition. The course is intended to provide participants with a thorough and updated theoretical and practical training.

A step-by-step approach that always combine theory with hand-on sessions is adopted. In this way you will get to the next more advanced level only after having understood and experienced the topics already discussed.

In order to make this preparation as complete as possible, all the current bracketless methods will be presented. We will analyse the differences between these approaches in terms of biomechanics and materials and teach you how to choose the best therapy (certain that the best one is the one that best suits to the individual case) according to the clinical needs of the single case.

To reinforce the concepts of the lingual orthodontic therapy, the clinical and theoretical fundamentals of lingual therapy with brackets will also be provided, bringing to light biomechanical and practical differences between this classic therapy and the bracketless one.

The full program will be available during 2020.

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University of Siena
University of Siena


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