Master in Advanced Endodontics 2023/24


Postgraduate hybrid part-time master (online and on-site) in Advanced Endodontics

This master is the result of an agreement between the University of Siena and Dentalnecto Srl. 38 of the 40 places available are reserved for Dentalnecto. 2 places are allocated by the university. This postgraduate part-time master’s course lasts 24 months, approximately from January 2024 to the end of 2025.

Prof Simone Grandini is the director of this master:
Tel: 0577-585772

The official language is English. The students will receive the certificate of I level master. This title will be issued by the University of Siena.


Siena is one of a kind!

Information on the master

This postgraduate program is specifically designed for any dentist desiring to update their daily clinical practice and achieve up-to-date knowledge in Endodontology and beyond. Blending expertise with remarkable clinical skills is the key to success in managing complex endodontic cases whether it is a primary root canal treatment or a root canal retreatment to deal with.

Moreover, the most frequent situation in dentistry requires not only a successful endodontic approach but also an effective restoration. Therefore our root-to-crown philosophy will enable the clinician to holistically understand a case and perform a top-level treatment answering to the most demanding patient expectations. This 2-year program of study provides evidence-based dentistry offering a valuable scientific basis in Endodontology and Restorative Dentistry for any clinician to understand and draw a correct treatment plan. The face-to-face session enables our participants to upgrade their skills through intense workshops particularly created to be easily transferred to their private practice.

The digital era enables our University to create a friendly environment for those who cannot interrupt their office activity and their constant income for full-time postgraduate training. This is an opportunity to work, learn, evolve, earn and become professional at the same time. Graduation of this postgraduate program arrives with a prestigious title offered by Università di Siena.

The onsite hands-on is designed to level up your clinical skills by passing through many clinical procedures and reproducing real office situations that you should manage correctly by the time you graduate. Your hands-on supervision and guidance will be full-time provided by our experts in the field of Endodontology and Restorative Dentistry. They will dedicate their physical presence during the onsite module in Siena to help you improve and achieve the skills and clinical expertise you have dreamed of.

Academic support

Program principal

Prof. Dr. Simone Grandini (

Teaching staff

  • Simone Grandini
  • Marco Martignoni
  • Giulio Pavolucci
  • Mario Alovisi
  • Emanuele Ambu
  • Jose Aranguren
  • Adriano Azaripour
  • Pio Bertani
  • Frédéric Bukiet
  • Mauro Cabiddu
  • Filippo Cardinali
  • Raffaella Castagnola
  • Vittorio Franco
  • Carlo Gaeta
  • Paolo Generali
  • Daniele Gensini
  • Alexandru Gliga
  • Nicola Grande
  • Marc Habib
  • Bojidar Kafelov
  • Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos
  • Marc Kaloustian
  • Daniele Manfredini
  • Crystal Marruganti
  • Hani Ounsi
  • Denise Pontoriero
  • Andrea Roccuzzo
  • Fitim Shabani
  • Ahmed Shawky
  • Marino Sutedjo
  • Riccardo Tonini


Requirements, admission, pre-application:

Find a step-by-step procedure to understand the requirements and to pre-apply, click on the button below:

In this way we will receive your pre-application and we will be able to help you in case of need. It contains all the documents required to apply and also some additional info we also need from you.

Upon enrollment you will have to certify your access title. This step is mandatory and without a certified and comparable title the University of Siena will have to exclude you from the master. 

The steps, recapped

  1. pre-application –
  2. application and app fee (we will help you)
  3. admission (the board will evaluate the applications and will accept or reject them in December)
  4. enrollment (we will help you and you will need to pay the first instalment)
  5. study
  6. second instalment (After approx. 6/8 months)
  7. study
  8. final exam and certification

Dentalnecto will guarantee administrative and communication support with the university. We will also guarantee updates on teaching and will take care of communication and the technical part related to online lessons.

Please consider that you would need to be in Siena probably for one week in 2024 and one week in 2025 (both in September, probably). So check the time and required papers for the visa in case you need it.

How much does it cost?

This master cost 7.000€ excl. taxes (virtual stamp duty 16€, final exam tax 32€, VAT where applicable – depending also on your tax position and country). So, the maximum cost including taxes is 7928€.

  1. At the application stage, you will have to pay a small deposit of 150€ plus VAT to enable us to handle your application and to reserve a place on the master course. This amount will be deducted from your final account, but if you are not admitted to the master’s course it will not be refundable.
  2. When your application is accepted you have to transfer your first payment (tuition fees, first instalment + VAT, virtual stamp duty).
  3. After 8/9 months you will pay the second instalment (tuition fees, second and last instalment + VAT, minus the application fee).

If for some reason you don’t have to pay VAT, of course, the figures will be slightly different.

Educational System in Italy

In Italy, we don’t differentiate as other Universities do abroad. We divide it in “Undergraduate” (requires 180 credits), “Graduate” (requires 120 credits), “Post Graduate” (PhDs) and “Specialising Masters and Continuing Education”.
Advanced Endodontics falls under the category of “University Masters”, meaning that at the end of the program you will have gained 120 university credits. The equivalent required for the foreign MSc.
Italian University System
The University Masters the University of Siena issues all abide by the directions and all are recognised as such by and throughout the European Union. If you aim at using the title outside the EU, we suggest you check with the local Embassy about its validity.

How our agreement with the university works.

Dentalnecto has an agreement to co-organize the master’s program. We take care of looking for candidates through promotion agreements with external entities (e.g., Zerodonto). Then we collect the applications and handle the submissions and all communications with students related to the admission stages. We also collect the fees, and when we have all of them, we pay the university the tuition portion (usually in two installments, the due dates of which are determined by the university). The rest you pay is to cover our support throughout 2 and more years (from application to the certificate), our services mentioned above and all the management of theory classes that take place online through our remote support and through software managed by us. This also includes video recordings of the meetings.
The figures disclosed on this site include everything, fees, services, and total figures (including two years of courses).

Studying in Italy: useful resources

Course Content

Time: 11 weeks
  • Topics and dates are listed below  0/0

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Schedule: topics and dates


  • Introduction to the Master Course
  • The Root to crown protocol: a comprehensive approach to the treatment and the restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
  • Importance of coronal Seal
  • Diagnosis and Imaging
  • Assessment of restorability
  • Restorative plan
  • Basis of Endodontic treatment
  • Direct and indirect restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  • Diagnosis and status assessment
  • Imagining interpretation
  • Endo-resto planning
  • Operative field isolation in dentistry
  • Contemporary documentation
  • Endodontic anatomy
  • Basic principles in endodontic treatment
  • Shaping and cleaning the endodontic system
  • Advanced irrigation procedures
  • Root canal space obturation
  • Magnification in dentistry
  • Methods of scientific research
  • Root canal retreatment - outcome, planning and approach
  • Complex case strategies - MTA applications, ledge, separated instrument, sclerosis, deep margin management
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Vital & non-vital pulp treatment for deciduous and immature teeth
  • Alternatives to endodontic treatment: implant, replantation & autotransplantation
  • Partial extraction techniques and endodontics.


SCHEDULE DRAFT (dates may still be subject to change)
  • 1 .Online | 19-20.01.2024
  • 2. Оnline | 22-23.03.2024
  • 3 .Оnline | 10-11.05.2024
  • 4. Оnline | 28-29.06.2024
  • In presense session in Siena 18-21.09.2024
  • 5 . Оnline | 08-09.11.2024
  • 6. Оnline | 10.11.01-2025
  • 7. Оnline | 07-08.03.2025
  • 8. Оnline | 25-26.04.2025
  • 9 online | 27-28.06.2025
  • In presence session in Siena 17-20.09.2025

More info about the lessons above described

This master is a part-time master (we call it executive master here in Italy). It was born for those colleagues who can't be abroad for months or years. As you can read, there will be 9 weekends of online lessons throughout 2 years (approx. one weekend every 2/3 months). In addition, all enrolled students must be present at the University of Siena for a couple of single teaching weeks (3 and a half days, WED-SAT ) in order to attend in presence and join the hands-on part of the course. Please consider that you would need to be in Siena for one week in 2023 and one week in 2024. So check the time and required papers for the VISA.

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