bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics – orthocampus

LEARN how bracketless fixed invisible orthodontic works and how to apply it to complete clinical cases successfully.
PRACTICE wire modeling, device adhesion, and reactivation in the main types of malocclusion.
UNDERSTAND the diagnosis and treatment plan without focusing too much on the different types of treatment available.
MASTER the bracketless lingual technique to use it with the same confidence as the classic braces devices.

Please, see below for further information about the speaker, the location, the program.

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    Course Content

    Time: 1 week

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    Anna Mariniello has been one of the first orthodontists in the world to practice exclusively bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics and the first to write a text on this technique. More info in the instructor box below.

    Location and date

    Where: The campus will be led at the Ivoclar Vivadent Center for Dental Education in Bologna, Italy. When: October, 2021

    Program details

    The program includes one session of 4 days

    First day

    A brief history, with an introduction and philosophy of the technique, will be presented. Why use the bracketless fixed lingual technique and patient selection. Before to start a case: clinical and radiographic examination to have a correct diagnosis and the choice of treatment strategy Materials used and the selection of the wire. Wire modelling and appliance adhesion in I Class malocclusion with a dento-basal discrepancy in excess and defect without extraction. Procedure to get space: -expansion -stripping -extraction biomechanical analysis of the dental movements Follow up and appliance reactivation to get clinical cases resolutions.

    Second day

    Extraction case management Sliding mechanics for extraction cases Dental and skeletal anchorage Intermaxillary elastics

    Third day

    II and III Class Malocclusion: extraction and non extraction cases.

    Fourth day

    Modelling and management in case of vertical discrepancies. Open bite and deep bite. Modelling and management - impacted teeth, starting from the most frequent situation of the upper canines. Temporary aesthetics - options in cases of extraction using resin crowns and composite addition. Malocclusions characterized by dental agenesis Finishing/Detailing: how to solve finishing problems Tips and tricks At the end of each theoretical session, there will be typodont exercises for all kind of malocclusions.

    Tools and materials

    All the materials necessary for clinical exercises will be made available to the students. Participants must be provided with the following pliers:[ • Weingart • Bird beak plier • Ligature cutter • Distal end cutter • Utility scaling and band seating • Double-ended ligature director • A couple of Mathieu


    5.000,00 € (VAT included price). The cost includes accommodation in Bologna and food.

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      Anna Mariniello

      Graduated with full marks and honors in Dentistry in 2004 at the University ‘Federico II’ of Naples. Postgraduate Retraining Course in Orthodontics in 2004/2005 at the University ‘Federico II’ of Naples. Specialized in Orthodontics in 2010 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome. Author of posters and papers on national and international specialized journals. National and international lecturer about Orthodontics and multidisciplinary approach. Expert of Bracketless Fixed Lingual Orthodontics. Author of a book on lingual orthodontics: ‘Atlas of bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics’, Quintessenza Edizioni. Speaker to many Courses and Masters Founder of the dental blog Zerodonto (https://www.zerodonto.com/en/) with Dr. Fabio Cozzolino and Dr. Roberto Sorrentino.